Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Left to right:
Brisbane Casino, Centre building(not sure of the name), Central Train Station

Probably the thing that impressed me the most about Brisbane, was their architecture and planning of the city. Yes, I have to say that Brisbane CBD is much smaller than Melbourne CBD (sorry Queenslanders!) but it''s got some amazing architecture and urban planning. 

The most interesting thing about this row or collection of buildings was the colours, patterns, tones. Can you see how it bears resemblance to our friend's scarf? Pesonally, I have to say, we considered it a very exciting discovery. 

Here, take a look, the blues, reds, blacks and greys are repeated in the pattern of the scarf! What do you guys think? It was Vess who pointed it out, (such a graphic designer thing to do) and I have to agree with her. I really love this picture because of the correlation of colours, patterns and shapes of the buildings and how it almost looks like a collage.

Just wanted to show you guys that inspiration can come from anywhere! Even where you don't expect it! Such as buildings in sunny Brisbane

-keep inspired-


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