Friday, July 8, 2011


Hello lovely ones

Tons of people have been asking us where we go to buy all of our thifted clothes. We always respond with a promise to share it on our blog. That's what you're getting today!

So yesterday we went with an amazing bunch of friends to do one of our favourite past times- op shopping!  

First stop on our list was "The Recycle Superstore" Brunswick Savers. Savers is definitely not like the average op-shop. It's like the op-shop equivalent to Kmart. It's MASSIVE! Racks and racks of clothing, it takes time and effort to find that bargain. But it is so worth it! Everytime we go to Savers we never leave empty handed. It's got really great prices for lovely items of clothing, and you can find modern brands (like bettino liano & supre) and some vintage pieces. That is, if you look hard enough. :)

Our second destination was the church on Doncaster Road. There is a really quaint second hand store next to the church that has really sweet clothing. With lots of lovely blouses and longs skirts that remind me of Sportsgirl and Dotti's current collection. Prices range from $2-$15 for most clothing. You can really find some gorgeous treasures there.

OKAY, I'm sure by now you're dying to know what we bought! 

Beige Sweater//$6

Red Pencil Skirt//$6

Long Trench from "vintage" Target//$20

Mustard Blazer//$7

How gorgeous are they! We both were so happy with our buys. The long trench's label had a embroidered target symbol. It looks like its from soooo long ago, but in suchhhh fantastic condition! 
And we're looking forward to styling these pieces for winter, specifically the red pencil skirt and the mustard coloured blazer. This season we think that it's all about the POPs of colour that will brighten up deary days!  

So what do you guys think about our buys? 

-keep stylish-

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