Monday, August 1, 2011


Say hello to my little friend:

A  piece of worrk discovered in  Queensland University, titled;

-A Happy Ending-
We found this at our beautiful friend's University, which, I have to say was equally beautiful! The architecture, the layout and the nature was really nice! It was quite funny, because the campus was so big we got a bit lost and had to consult a map (even though we were travelling with two 'locals' hehe).

Queensland University has a really, really, really big campus. We actually spent the WHOLE day just wandering around the uni. At the uni, we had pizza (will show you pics soon!), checked out an art exhibition, took pictures of the buildings, walked on a bridge, watched some ducks, admired the sandstone arches and went to our other friend's church! Amazing!

What I really like about this piece of artwork is the sheer optimism of the stone head.
I just love happy endings. I'm the type of person; to flip to end of the book, to wikipedia the movie, to ask for the spoilers just to make sure that I get my happy ending!

-keep inspired-


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