Monday, July 4, 2011


Project: A very special birthday card 
Aim: To show lots of love, love, love to our dear father 
Materials: Coloured card, White Paper, Cutting knife, Glue

Hello wonderful friends! So sorry the blog has been stagnant for nearly two weeks! (and it's been stuck on the last stylish post, of my blue blouse!) It's because Vess and I took a little trip to Queensland for the past week, enjoying the sunshine and the theme parks! It was a fantastic trip and of course we will be sharing some photos of the quirky things that caught our eye while we were up there. 

This card we made, just before we left for our trip and if you haven't realised it was a very special card for a very special person. Our wonderful father. 

Our dad has taught us so many things, how to cook, clean, wash our car, save money, tease our mum, iron shirts, stir fry vegetables and basically how to look after ourselves. But he's also taught us life lessons on how to care for others, how to laugh and how to love Jesus. 

This card is really special because it's got the 'pop up' wow factor! Vess made the inside of the card (including the meticulous cutting of the tree) and I completed it, by making the black outside and the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' font. Pop ups make things so much cooler, don't you think?

Keep looking for more posts, Big Picture Stuff is back in business guys! 
We can't wait to show you what we got up to in Queensland!

-keep crafty-


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