Tuesday, July 26, 2011


the lovely ones in Queensland

Sadly, our blog has been stagnant for the past few weeks, it’s been very hard and difficult to blog, when we have sooooo much to blog about! So, as you may have read/heard/anticipated in our very long uni break (almost 2 months) Vess and I and two of our dear friends journeyed up to the sunny side of Australia, Queensland!

We didn’t stay too long in Queensland, but basically, we explored, travelled, smiled at and were inspired by the weather of Queensland, the architecture, the theme parks and their art and culture.
It was a great time to relax as well. And it was our first time travelling together as a group of friends. It felt like a really long, fun and calm sleepover.

Keep looking, because there will be more pictures to come of what we did and saw in Queensland!

-keep exploring-


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