Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello there friends!

It's been absolutely stunning weather here in melbourne, we are definately enjoying the sun shine! 

Just wanted to share with you some more photos/outfits from the shoot that we did with our cousin Veryon. It was a really interesting shoot to do in the park, because Veyron really need to work with the lighting conditions to get it "just right" and I think she did an incredible job!

In other news, Val is currently in Singapore! She has gone a well deserved break to go and attend our cousin's wedding. Perhaps she will blog some photos from her trip! 

So with just one part of the v&v pairing, I'm determined to make her proud! So I'm currently working on changing up our blog layout and also getting a FAQ and About us page up. So if you want some answers, send us some questions! I'll do my very best to keep you interested! 

Christmas is around the corner! 

-keep stylish-


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