Sunday, December 9, 2012


Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

It's a nice warm summer night in Melbourne and it's the absolute perfect time to be setting up a 'catch up' blog post. So to keep you'all up to date. Val is currently enjoying a holiday in Bangkok! I do miss her, but I miss my camera a lot more! (joking!) But I am sure that when Val return's she is going to share some amazing shots and amazing clothes! Cannot wait for her return!

So I thought that I could just really update you with what I've been doing since Val's been off attending our wonderful cousin's wedding and shopping in bangkok! Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide the amazing standard of photos that V&V usually do. But I'll hopefully interest you with... word pictures? So I as listen to a rad playlist of Matt Corby and Israel Kamakawiwo 'Oke, I'll look back to the weeks gone by and update you with my happenings!
Read on to an installment of Curious Adventures with Vess! Featuring lovely friends, movies, cafes, melbourne and design!

1. Pitch PerfectOn Monday I got to watch Pitch Perfect with my awesome work friend Amy! Having both worked in that day, being able to chill out and watch a movie was totally amazing. SO Pitch Perfect. It was pretty rad. Think Glee mixed with She's The Man. Loved the humour and the singing, and absolutely loved Rebel Wilson. She had the best one liners in the whole movie! And I supposed I enjoyed the accapella, as somehow it was portrayed as not being lame, but truly as inspiring sport!

2. KinFolk cafe MelbourneVisited this really lovely little cafe with Thu and Emily which Em foundWith a cosy interior with wooden chairs, large branches painted on the walls and with little bird paintings scattered around, KinFolk leaves an impression. But what truly earns KinFolk's warmth and comfort has to be their philanthropy work! All the waiters work as volunteers ass the proceeds of KinFolks revenue goes to fund four different areas, from homeless to work in Ghana. That just blew me away. Located near Southern Cross Station on Bourke Street, do wander in and support this amazing cafe!

3. POM POMAlso on that day, I had a peek into craft victoria. They had a lovely window display with gorgeous pom poms, and with the festive season coming up, it seemed like the perfect craft project. amazing Emily came through again and linked me to a fantastic tutorial that taught it just so well! So last Wednesday I attempted it (whilst Thu and I watched Ruby Sparks) and here are the results!

4. You've Got the Jam
We had our final break up for our youth group this year! It was on the perfect night, for that day we had to endure 37 degree weather! It thankfully set the pace for a lovely summer night perfect for outdoor soccer, a trampoline, a bbq and for an outdoor cinema! The movie of the night was Space Jam and I swear, the more times I watch it, the more things I notice and my appreciation of Bill Murray just escalates. Anyway, it was a really great night, I loved just how having a projector and a blank white sheet could bring on fun times.

 4.The BIG Design Market
Definately a major highlight of my whole week! So great! There were a ton of stall holders who were just so fantastic! I really want to dedicate a bit of a post on this, and it's getting a bit too late for little ole me who has to work tomorrow morning! So I will leave you with a little snap shot of it and a full run down of the market will come tomorrow. It was so much fun and I was overwhelmed by the talent, design and craft that was present there.

That all for today friends! Will update you on the market tomorrow and give you a different 'keep stylish' post. With the lack of cameras at my house at the moment, (all the pictures in this blog post are heavily editted iphone photos!) I think that I have to showcase some of my favourite outfits of the past week in a different and creative way.

with love!
-keep smiling-


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