Tuesday, November 20, 2012

// LOVE never FAILS

Again, here are more pictures from the wonderful wedding of Nichola and Daniel. Before I go on, I need to mention the wonderful talent and skill of my dear, dear friend Emerald. She is always Vess and my, 'right hand man/gal'. Someone to chat, eat and have adventures with. She's such an amazing person who I can always count on. I mention her, because she helped me shoot this brilliant wedding. It's such a blessing, because she came and spent the whole day with me, even though I only gave her less than a couple of days notice.

To be honest, it was quite a long day, but looking back on the photos, it was totally worth it. Capturing the moments of pure joy on so many people's faces and to be apart of someone else's amazing story leaves me with such passion for people and for God and his creation. Even now, more than two weeks after the wedding, looking back on many of the photos brings me such joy and happiness of the people I met and things I experienced. 

Hopefully through some of these photos you can get a sense of the sincere yet playful love between Daniel and Nichola. Seriously, both their faces, literally lit up by ten times once they saw each other for the first time that day. As the beautiful bride was given away by her proud father, the indescribable happiness on both their faces brought tears to mother's eyes and smiles on everyone's faces. 

The ceremony began once the bride entered the room and the bridal party and the bride and groom simply settled into their places and allowed the magic to happen. Another fab part of the day was that one of my dear friends from uni, Stefan, who is also close friends with Nichola and Daniel, was a massive part of the day, helping drive people everywhere, getting the cake, organising the carpark, setting up for the reception and giving a spongebob inspired speech. (You can see him in the above picture giving the speech!)

We took some shots at the venue of the ceremony, but unfortunately, due to booking reasons we had to vacate the place pretty much immediately after they finished their ceremony. But we were blessed enought to be able to take a couple of lovely group and family shots. I am literally in love with the brides maids and their dresses. The colour red is so striking and the lace gives it such elegance and glamour. (Totally something i would wear again!)

Since we couldn't shoot more at the venue we proceeded to the reception (which was held at Daniel's and Nichola's new house) and proceeded to take some more shot at the park, just behind their house. Despite the overcast weather, I think we got a couple of great shots. Throughout the whole time, Daniel and Nichola were so caring to one another and everyone else around them. Checking if we were okay and if each other was okay, they didn't let the rain or the wind deter them from their special wedding day. 

Home made food, do it yourself icecream and legendary pavlova by the father, made for a perfect and close knit reception dinner. As most of us, were awake since early in the morning, we seemed to have unconsciously skipped lunch and were famished by the time dinner was served. 

It was seriously such a perfect day, and after talking to Nichola later on, I can't believe the number of amazing God provided blessings that occured on the day. For example, their wedding rings were gifted to them, the ceremony venue was hired at such a reasonable price, their wedding photography was provided(we more than happily provided our services free of charge) and each side of the family blessed and encouraged their marriage.

And I have to mention Isaac, another one of our friends, who let Nichola know that I was keen to take photos at her wedding. Truthfully, without his little side comment, I'm not sure if she would have known to approach me, to ask about videography/photography!

God is good!

Included a final picture!

From the left; Emerald, Val (me) Nichola, Daniel, Isaac, Stefan

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