Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey there guys!
It's been an absolutely lovely day in Melbourne, with the sun shining and birds tweeting. It's refreshing nice and definately relaxing! Today has been a gorgeous one, with Val and I both having some time to sit and just edit photos and spend some time together.
A big shout out to all our friends doing exams, and those finishing up. All the best, and know that you've got this, don't be scared but approach with peace and hope! You'll be amazing either way, think of the big picture! ;)
Anywho, onto this outfit, first thing to get out of the way, It's Val! Finally a picture of Val on our blog, it's been a long time coming. But it's happen! Don't you worry, more of her will undoubtly be here. Her outfit here is just way cute! The jumper that she's wearing I actually bought in Paris, it's a favourite because of the really gorgeous colours and stripes.

Speaking of stars and stripes, Mr Obama, president for another four years! Exciting times ahead I suspect. We shall soon see!
Check out Val's shoes, bought from Glassons for only $5, they have a really cute picnic sort of vibe to them. Seriously lovely and very nice. Comfy too I suspect? Ah, with spring coming around the corner there's all these new trends coming out! Anyone sporting the florals or the fluro? 

And just one last shot of Val's air borne feet. Hey, if you swing your head back and fort really quickly between these two photos. It's a diy gif.

-keep stylish-


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