Thursday, November 15, 2012



Hey there lovely friends!
So to date, we have been doing some photo shooting with our wonderful cousin Veyron! She had a media assignment of photoshooting "twin bloggers" (aka us!)
So we have a really great time running around the park whilst Veyron attempted to art direct the two of us. It's hard to get both of us looking serious! At least one of us will be pulling a silly face! It's exciting to have photos on our blog that feature our clothes with us together!
The actual dresses that we are wearing are from various areas!
1-The green dress Val is wearing is vintage gifted from our beautiful aunt in Singapore
2-The patchwork patterned dress I'm wearing is from our grandma in Malaysia, the collar is so amazing! It's like a large bib that goes around the neck!
3-The red floral dress I'm wearing, was also given to us from our grandma, I believe that it's vintage as well! (not sure the dates though)
4-Checkered dress Val is wearing I bought with Jess at a vintage shop in Paris. 10 Euro and the Aussie Dollar was ridicously strong that day. One of the best days of my life!*
5-Blue polka dot dress Val is wearing, I bought from a small vintage shop in Venice that me and Glonaida stumbled on whilst we were wondering around! Looks amazing on Val. Peitet and proper
6-Val and Emily bought me this gorgeous black and white polka dot dress from Camberwell market. I have a lot of fondness for it because I know they selected it just for me!
*I actually saw a girl try on this dress when I was in the shop in Paris. I saw her wearing it, and I thought it was just gorgeous! I wanted it on the spot, but she was obviously trying it on. So I kept on shopping around this store, but later I looked to a rack and I saw that dress just hanging there! I quickly grabbed it, tried it on and then I knew I had to take it home with me.
Describing to you where each of these treasures came from, really makes me happy thinking of the significance they hold. Also, knowing that they are vintage dresses, the fact that they were once significant to someone else just makes it just that much more wonderful. 

Have a stunning day
-keep stylish-



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