Saturday, March 31, 2012


Vess and I sitting and spending the time away in a cafe around the corner from our house. Vess sipping on a 'honey-cola' and myself, enjoying a very large Mint hot Chocolate! 

These little boxed babies, I bought from a little Asian shop close to Vess' uni. You know those small shops which sell stationery, cute rubbers and all the items which you don't really need but you buy cause they're just SO cute! 

These little post it notes hold justice to that fact! Look at them! They're just so cute! 

There hasn't been many photos post up, cause our parents have been using our camera on their Israel trip. They are currently on their way back from Israel (I like to call them pilgrims) probably with an SD card load of photos and experiences to show and tell!

Feel free to re-post, tumblr, tweet, share any of theses photos on our blog if you feel so inclined! I would love to see these cute little ones circulation the web, bringing smiles to people's faces with their adorabl shapes and sweet pastel colours. 

Hopefully we'll have a fashion post up soon! 

But until then, would love to find out what types of post YOU would like to see more of!

-keep smiling-



  1. hey! how are u :)
    such cute photos u have here!
    oh I havn't been updating for ages ><
    the pics from the post before are so professional looking. and i'm envious of the necklace hehe
    anyway, hope to see u guys again soon :)

    1. Hi!! Haven't seen you for ages!
      I know it's always so hard to get back into it!
      I had a hiatus from blogging for a while cause I couldn't think of anything to post about, >< which is always so unmotivating
      Btw, Who takes your photos? they are amazing!
      Tehe, thankyou for the lovely comment!

      catch up soon!