Wednesday, April 11, 2012



A garden full of clutches.

Welcome to my varied attempt at garden/bag/product photography. It's been such a busy past month, I haven't had a chance, to do much shopping or take and edit photos!

These shots were taken on a misty morning, with, not my DSLR (which at the time was in Israel), but with my Samsung Galaxy phone! It's quite amazing how well the pictures came out!

These three clutches are new additions to my family of bags! Each have an interesting story which I am happy to share to you lovely friends. 

Well, this first bag was bought at the Camberwell market (who else LOVEs the camberwell market?) for $5. Initially we saw a similar bag at another store for $25, which pained me to part with, but then I came across this little one. What drew me to both bags were the claspe: this nifty, unique turn-ey contraption.  Which you can see being illustrated in the above picture!

THIS bag was gifted to me by my dear close friends for my birthday. I've been wanting one of these 'envelope' clutch bags for aaaggeeesss, but never got the chance to buy one for myself. When my Aunty saw the bag, she said it looked like something I would carry my files in. I was like' nope, it's just to look good! And I don't have files anyway.' 

Totally loving the mustardy colour of the clutch. Fashion post coming soon which featuring this amazing clutch.

This last bag was bought by my wonderful mother (on like her second day back from Israel), from the Salvo's shop, which was having a half price sale! 

This wonderful bag, was bought for $2.50! Totally loving the front detail work and the colour. I used it for church on the weekend, and it snuggly fit my bible, notebook, phone and wallet very well. Ticked all the boxes!

On a side note, came back from Student Life camp today,

Met and was encouraged by so many new friends from hearing their own stories and how they fit in God's 'big picture' of things!

Can't wait to tell you more about it friends!

-keep smiling-


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