Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello lovely friends, as promised here are some pics of an outfit post with the beautiful mustard clutch which was featured in the last post. I'm wearing the same dress Vess wore in the last keep stylish post (the cute dress from Israel) and a cropped jumper from Forever new (which now I feel I paid too much for. I have a slight case of post buyer syndrome).

What do you guys think of our new blog buttons? Try clicking them, and it'll bring you to the list of blog posts with that label. So whatever you guys feel you would like to 'keep' doing, you can easily find.

 We would like to tidy up or blog a tad, but it's so hard sometimes to get the correct; links, html, url....etc. If any fellow bloggers have any good websites or tips we would love to know! 

As I said on the last post I went to Student life camp last week. It was a really inspiring time to centre myself and to be challenged in my own walk with God especially in the area of sharing my faith with others. 

Cause, all good things are meant to be shared and enjoyed! 

Hoping you guys are having a fabulous day! 

-keep stylish-


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