Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Well hello again friends! 

The weather in Melbourne is EXTREMELY drab and wet, (just imagine those movies when the character thinks "this can't get any worse" and then it starts pouring cats and dogs!). I think three rooms in my house are leaking. Which is unfortunate because the rain is supposingly, going to continue for the rest of the week. Hohum, I guess I'll have to hold out for a couple more days, wrapped in mutliple jumpers and scarves. 

This blog post is dedicated to the baking endevours of Vess and our little sister Viv, who wanted to try something new with the good ol' ginger bread men. 

Made with icing sugar, flour, eggs, butter, chocolate and loovveee

All sorts of fun, yums and wonderful delicious ideas

I'm not too sure why Vess seem to have been inspired specifically by Asian influences (seems there's a bit of "Kung Fu fighting" going on there) and there's some traditional Chinese dresses. I think, these were made around Chinese New Year, cause I can't come up with any other ideas why she would make lil Chinese ginger bread people. 

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Hopefully I can upload some more pictures of projects that I've done, for Vess and a couple of friends to show you lovely people. But depending on the reliability of our internet. Dad may have "fried" the internet a couple of days ago, and uploading hasn't been the same since.....

Hopefully if you're experiencing the awfully cold weather, you're managing to stay warm!

And for those who are in a warmer climate, closer to the equator, you lucky people! 

-keep smiling-


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