Saturday, April 7, 2012


I seem to have an odd fascination with moustaches and moustached individuals. 

I'm not sure where or why the sudden interest in moustaches originated, but it is definately a quirky, cute and whimsical well known object to play around with! 

I personally have found in my own shopping adventures, that any item which features a moustache, instantly becomes more desirable on my part. I guess, I really enjoy the quirkiness (i use that word too much) and the very funny aspects of a moustache for us, modern day individuals. 

It could be said that this is a collaborated blog post. Photos and cookies were taken by the wonderful Emerald (think this would have to be the 5th time we have featured her talents on our blog.) who is both an amazing baker and photographer

We found these cookie cutters, at Melbourne Central, and Em, being an avid baker and moustache enthusist, was like, "I HAVE to have them!". This card was pretty simple to make, just cut out a moustache, whip it on a card and add some witty writing to it! 

Thankyou amazimg readers! You all are amazing!

Hope you are having a restful and joyful Easter Weekend lovelies!

-keep crafty-


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