Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi There Lovely Ones!

A continuation of images from St Kilda! Hope you enjoy these little slices from our life. Because we enjoy sharing them with you!

We encountered  a pretty awesome story when we were there. This restuarant apparently was burnt down recently. It was quite devastating (according to the sign I read!) for a number of people because of it's heritage and it's significance. So, a decision was made to rebuild the restuarant to exactly replicate the orginal, with a few modern additions, such as a new cafe and bar, but overall maintaining it's orginal key features. I love this story, because of people's love for heritage and how a place can provoke such strong emotions and feelings within people.  And I love the fusion of old and new ideas. 

2 more days of winter left! 


-keep inspired-


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