Thursday, August 18, 2011


Project: Showing appreciation and gratitude
Aim: To appreciate those special people who  showed us kindness and care in our time of need
Materials: Coloured card, White Paper, Drawing, Glue, Printer

Recently, I felt the urge to thank more people in our life, who went out of their way to show us some sacrificial and Jesus love. These friends of ours; cooked, supported, encouraged and cared for us so much while our Mum was in Malaysia after our grandfather's funeral and I thought it was only appropiate to show our love and gratitude.

I've been thinking about this card design for a long time but never got around to printing/cutting and making it. I am quite proud to say everything is hand made, including the scrabble pieces print, which I drew and printed on the card. It was very fun, fun, fun, fun to make!

And inside each card I drew a unique hand drawn message in each. Like the following...

Thankyou fellow blog readers for your love!

Hope you enjoyed our Brisbane photos and adventures! 

 Here's some exciting news: When our parents came back from Malaysia they brought home a new gadget/tool for us!

starts with a C.....ends with ...RA

-keep crafty-


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