Monday, August 15, 2011


Another thing we like to do is go to ART exhibitions! So, very conveniently, the Surrealism exhibition was in Brisbane and thus we decided to take a look and see. 

This exhibition has been widely publised. Even now, back home in melbourne, we're seeing the advertising up for it! Whether you like it or not, Surrealism is an important aspect of art history!  It was obssessed with the non-sensiscal, the un-conscious and the subconscious, the human figure, pain and the break down of norms. Pioneered by Man Ray, Duchamp, Brenton and widely associated with Dali, the Surrealist movement question/challenged and consequently changed a society's ideals about art!

Putting our Art Theory aside, the exhibition was largely interesting, disturbing and exciting. I (vess) personally had a thrill seeing Duchamp's BOTTLE RACK! They really exhibited it in a beautiful way. Elevated, Duchamp's readymade stood as its creator originally intended, a new sculpture from what already had been made. 

As an exhibtion, it was simply fantastic! Anyone who visits Brisbane has to go to their museum of modern art. They really structured the exhibition well with a "rest" area in between! Which we felt was necessary as Surrealist art and take a toll on ones thoughts of society, art and oneself. Another highlight was the Surrealist children's area! It looked and was... so cool! Although I personally would never take my child to see a surrealist exhibition (the surrealist like to challenge norms.. especially ideas of sexuality..) the space they created was amazing. You could make a Dada collage and photograph your own ready made sculpture. 

Val did this... some 

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  1. Hey Val and Vess!

    1. How are you both going?
    2. Your blog is so lovely and nurtured.
    3. I am incredibly jealous that you went to this exhibition!!! I was in Brisbane like 2 weeks ago for Splendour and really wanted to squeeze the exhibition in on the last day except we probably would have missed our flight back to Melbourne ..Although I reckon it may have been worth it...

    Miss you, keep posting lovely things.

  2. Nawwwwwww Helen!!!

    reading this comment made my day so much more special! thankyou!

    Been mostly getting back into uni work, not very fun (for me it's essays, for vess it's design and photography!)!
    the exhibition was lovely! Probably the best item there was the bottle rack. We were really lucky to have seen the exhibition, cause we were only in Brisbane for 5 days and Vess and I made sure we squeezed it into our schedule.

    btw, saw your flip book ages ago but didn't manage to let you know that it is soooo amazing! love it so much!

    can't wait to see more of your sensational work.

    miss you and will catch up soon!

    love love love