Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Coloured paper, graphite, pattern paper, newspaper... paper,
derwent pencils, white charcoal pencil, black fineliner

Love Love Love Frankie magazine. Seriously, we adore it.

Another thing that I (VESS!) adore is fashion illustration. Fashion illustration was a major part of my year 12 folio last year and I always loved drawing fashion.  I really really really want to illustrate more, specifically for this blog! And I also want to share some of my fashion illustration icons. (Yes, I have fashion illustration heroes...) We have some fabulous illustrators right here in Melbourne whose line work and watercolour I am soooooo inspired by!

So, please expect more of my work soon. Hope you like it!

And the original Frankie magazine cover:
(I am begging you to not scroll up and down and pick up my mistakes! Yes, I changed her face... sorry!)

BTW, I did send this image to the wonderful people over at Frankie, and they thought it was lovely and nice.

Sigh, I think I need to work harder...

-keep inspired-


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