Wednesday, March 16, 2011

//Wishful WONDERS

Soon, you will realise that we own a vast collection of hats and such. I love hats, they're so versatile and give outfits a bit of character, flair and class. (They also, very effectively cover any messy bed hair! and oh, did I mention they protect you from the sun too!).

Wanted to share with you, this gorgeous hat which Vess bought for me for my (our?) birthday. We were heading towards a friend's apartment in the city and happened to come across this bargain!


Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Then decided to take some pictures, inspired from this photo.

Hope you have been having lovely days of; beauty, wonder and exploring the little things in life which make you smile! Keep a look out, it's the little things in life which surprise you!

You'll be seeing more of our hats and accessories soon!

-keep stylish-


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