Thursday, March 24, 2011


High Waisted Coffee Skirt: Thifted
Floral Top: Cotten On
Here, is another beautiful piece from our little thift shop endevours. This coffee colour high waisted skirt, is such a fantastic find. Just one of those pieces which; feels good, looks great and is in great condition! I just really love the classic look of high waisted skirts.This coffee colour especially is really coherent with the creams and baiges of this season.

Lately we've been exploring different places in our house for outfit posts, it's great fun! Our little sister said these pictures make our house look much prettier than it actually is. The illusion of photography! This funky object is a portable television. Which is beginning to look quite retro in the light of Smart phones and such!

By the way, we would like to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to all our viewers. Thanks so much friends, for 'taking a look' at our blog and encouraging us! It's really a special privledge to be able to share aspects of our lives with you guys. We will ensure that we continue to inspire you to be crafty while being as stylist as possible to make you smile in a 'Big Picture' sort of way!

Have an amazing week!

-keep stylish-



  1. Awesome blog Vess and Val!!!
    Photography is great, makes things look better than they really are =P
    Keep up the posts and the pics =]

    Brenda/teenagfoodie =D

  2. Hi Brenda/teenagefoodie!!!
    thanks so much for the encouragement!
    hehe, yup that's what we do, the illusion of photography!

    I checked out your blog! The content and photography is great! Really blown away at the detail which you've put into each post. Yummy food!

    will keep up the posts and pics for you!! (our favourit, fourth follower!)
    love and smiles