Saturday, March 26, 2011


 Project: Luke's Eighteenth birthday card
Aim: To celebrate a special day and an equally special person
Materials: White card, black fineliner, scissors
Hello friends, haven't managed to do a 'keep crafty' post for a while! So decided to share this one with you!Seems lately, we've been making ALOT of 18th birthday cards. The great thing about making personalised cards is the orginiality and sentimental-ness of it.

This card was made for our lovely friend Luke, he's such a kind and caring person who's made such an impression on our hearts. On his birthday he went around the group and said thankyou to each individual person, for being in his life! How gorgeous is that?

Well, I heard he liked Luffy, from the anime One Piece. Luffy, is such an energetic, fun character which I think embodies 18 birthday-ness! So I drew and water-coloured the cartoon and pasted that on a white card and surrounded it in quirky, fun, whimsical letter font!

thanks Luke for being a great friend and for giving me opportunity to make such a fun card!

-keep crafty-


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