Wednesday, March 9, 2011


You know that feeling when you open the letter box and there is something inside with your name on it?
Well, we got that feeling yesterday afternoon, when we received this beautiful envelope in the post.

A bit of a back story; Our lovely friend Anna had gone on an European/Asian adventure to Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, Loas, Thailand and finally England. We had given her a travel journal with this envelope inside in hope that she would write something and send it onto us.

And she did.

In this digital age, recieving a letter in the post is rare and so precious. Thank you so much Anna!

The envelope that we gave our friend made it even more special. Reaching into the letter box expecting plain white envelopes of bills and catalogues and instead recieving a letter in this gorgeous envelope felt amazing. We'd like to image the lovely post people spotting this envelope amongst a sea of white!

This envelope was one in ten which we bought at a market. Here are the others:

Aren't they pretty? Makes me want to send myself a letter.

-keep smiling-



  1. I'm enjoying every post so far :)
    I love the envelopes!

  2. Thanks EM! What did you think about the link and shout out i made for you on the other post? :D
    hehe keep guessing who wrote which post! ;) it's fun! :)