Saturday, January 12, 2013

// M&L {quirky adventures}

Final few shots of my photoshoot with Lina and Mike. These ones were taken in the same park where we discovered a lovely log and little path from which we could take some great depth of field photos. 

Lina and Mike were great! Not only were they willing to pose and try out different locations, but they would suggest photo ideas; eg. I think sitting on the log was Lina's idea. So many times I would look down to fiddle with my settings only to look up and find Lina and Mike doing a new pose or would have discovered something fun to do.

The best photo shoots are those which, despite feeling a little bit tired, you leave feeling excited and pumped up for the next one. I honestly couldn't wait to start editing and choosing photos, (but then Christmas, and New Years came, so I did sort of left it aside.)

Vess and I have been working on our crafting skills and I've got some more fashion photography on the way!

Thanks for having a look guys and thanks so much for my dear friends who are honest and lovely enough to let us know they like our stuff! 

Just the other day a friend from high school, who I bumped into after work mentions she liked our fashion photography. Even that little side comment, made my heart soar!

-keep smiling-



  1. I truly love these photos!! Especially the first one <3 Keep being inspiring!


    1. Thank you MANDY :D

      Will do!

      attemping to blog more on a regular basis now! <3

      tehe,is it the vintage camera? ;)