Thursday, January 10, 2013

M & L {floral fun}

Just before I left for my holiday, I did a mini photo shoot of my dear friends Mike and Lina. 

They are such a gorgeous couple and I had such a fun morning with them, laughing and prancing around the garden together. This little photoshoot came about, simply because I wanted to practice some of my photography and Lina had seen some of the pics I had done for Nina. I have this tendency to approach some of my good looking friends with boyfriends/girlfriends and ask them "hey, so I think you guys are  really good looking. Um, can I take photos of you? Pretty please?"  

And most of the time they tend to say "Yes?"

So to my new and old friends, don't be surprised if I pose the same question to you on a regular basis, especially if there is beautiful lighting or nice scenery!

Mike and Lina are such a fun couple to be around, always asking me if I felt comfortable or laughing at me when I would clumsily fall over the many plants in the garden. And they were so keen to give 110%, even coming to my house at around 9 to shoot (Any activity before 10am is pretty impressive in my books!) or crouching in some flowers for a photo. 

There will be another set of photos coming soon. Took me a while to get through all of them for editing, but I think I'm finally done with them all! Hopefully you guys enjoy viewing my good looking friends!

Ah, it's been a bit difficult for Vess and I to redo our blog layout, because she always seems to be working when I'm free and I work while she's at home. But I know, enough excuses, we will do it!

Stay happy and healthy and hope you are enjoying the weather, where ever you are! 

-keep smiling-


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