Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here we go, another outfit from Thailand!

This outfit is actually bought from second hand market stall in Bangkok. I was so surprised at the number of second hand and vintage clothes. There were piles and piles of them so many of which I wanted to buy but couldn't fit!

I love shopping in Asia, because of the sheer number of options and choices at hand, but at the same time its so difficult to find sizes. I guess cause they do cater for smaller people but it does make me feel slightly like a giant when shop owners don't have my size. 

Or when I see such exclamation on their faces when I ask for size 41 for shoe sizes or maybe for a size larger than their XL. Oh well, it restricted me from buying too many unneccessary items.

But everything was so PRETTY!

On another note, Vess and I were involved in such a fun project today! Today we did a mini photoshoot with one of Vess' uni friends and fellow graphic designer Danielle and her boyfriend Kris.

We learnt so much from both Danielle and Kris, on how to improve our own photoshoots, makeup and lighting wise. Can't wait to show you guys the shots! 

-keep stylish-


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