Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hi guys! Val here, back from my mini Asia trip which consisted of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

It was such a nice experience and such a great time to journey with so many different people, especially my friends and family who loved on me and pampered me so much.

Just a few stylist posts to get us started up again. Sorry the blog and the buttons are a bit messy, still trying to find the time to sit down and fix it up with Vess (hopefully soon!). The top and the necklace are both bought from Bangkok, Thailand. I think the place I bought them was Platinum fashion mall, which was massive. Never before had I ever seen so many rows and hangers of clothes, shoes, bags and necklaces. Seriously, shoppers paradise. 

The great thing about Bangkok, is that everywhere you go, the styles are different. But I did notice there was a great popularity for collared shirts and denim shirts in both Thailand and Singapore.

Thus being the fashionista that I am (more like opportunity optimiser) I decided to invest into a denim shirt and the fluoro, just in case it really hits off in Melbourne!

One more exciting news story; is that my wonderful friend Emerald helped me buy a new lens! A 50 mm, F1.4 for my CanonD 660. And wow, it's amazing. Usually to get such a great blur effect (sorry, my photography slang is lacking!) I have to stand so far back and zoom like crazy, but with this fixed lens the large aperture makes it so easy to obtain the soft feathery look and such a great shot.

I also love how the lens, being a fixed lens, is so much smaller and lighter to carry! 

Keep looking at B.P.S and I'll be posting and updated you with interesting stories and pictures from my travels. 

For what's the worth in photos, when you can't share the memory with anyone?

Thankyou for letting me share my memories with you!

-keep stylish-


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  1. Oh dear, you rock denim! In UK, it's a hot piece too, I've gotten 2 pieces :) Lucky you, I have been wanting f1.4 for long, can't wait to see you shooting with it!

    Have a beautiful day!