Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello there lovely friends! 

So today we are having a bit of a D I Y post, which is actually quite overdue. But no worries! 
So a while ago Val decided that it was high time to do up her room. She had inspiration boards and everything. One thing that she had her heart set on was a set of vintage furniture and everything white!
So without a further ado, check these out!

Wow wow wow! What do you think of the transformation? Mum and Val found the furniture at a local Salvos and with a bit of time and elbow grease they turned out great!

I think that one feature that was gorgeous has to be the lovely handles on the cabinets!

With all the hard  work with the paint, a sander and time. Val eventually got her drawers all painted and they make a great addition to her room! 

By the way, been trying new things with curves and such on our photographs, so be expecting some experimental stuff coming from us soon. Feel free to ask any questions or give us your opinions!
Hope you had a great weekend enjoying the sun sun sun! 

keep "d-i-ying"!

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