Saturday, September 22, 2012


As promised, here are some pictures of Vess and her artwork (literally together!), just some shots taken from my phone in the morning before she has to hand it in. I really cannot believe she gets to do this for uni (for those who don’t know, Vess is currently studying graphic design). She has such amazing talent and I am always in awe that she can paint up something as majestic as this, in less than 4 fours. (that is, if she is really focused!)

A bit tired today, very worn out from the past few days, with photoshoots, photography, posing and editing. This morning we had a great time being the ‘unofficial’ engagement party photographers for “J & R”, Jon and Ruth. We did the photo booth props again, gave the moustaches a dust off and made a few more ‘new’ props to coincide with the pastel theme of the soon to be, bride and groom.

Vess and I CAN NOT WAIT to show you pictures from the day and to share some of the new props we made!

Keep looking fellow friends!

Love you guys!

-keep crafty-