Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Heyo friends!

I don't know about you, but Melbourne has been extremely cold! Last week we were enjoying sticky warm weather whereby I could wear shorts casually and comfortably. Okay, we were enduring it.
But now.... It's cold and I'm wearing thermals under my pjs and a cardigan on top!

So yes. Melbourne weather is just wacky.

On a warmer note. All this cold weather got me thinking about being foled into a big warm place, so it was surprising that I managed to stumble upon this find:

It was sitting within my multitudes of photos and random bits of inspiration (which includes this image:)


This cute little guy was a present that we had made for our darling friend Selina. We made it for her birthday present one year. And we were pretty chuffed that it turned out so well! We learnt how to make this little cutie from one of the best crafty books that I have used! More Softies is just one of those books that has wonderful images and really really makes you want to make yourself a warm and soft companion to make these cold Melbourne nights seem, not so bad.

So I hope that this post finds all of you lovely readers in a place that is warmer than my toes are right now. 

Thank you for reading and visit us again on Thursday.


Because Val will be blogging and I think that she has some fashion photography to share with you lovely lot.

keep inspired

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  1. I still have her. I named her Asta after a very cute girl I once met.