Friday, March 16, 2012


Welcome friends to our house  of harlow spread This particular necklace which Vess is so beautifully showcasing (she could totally be a model of some sorts!) was a birthday present from a lovely friend, gifted to Vess for her birthday. She has actually wanted this necklace for so long and for quite sometime now, she's been showing it to me; pictures online, in the shop, in magazines and on lucky individuals who happen to be blessed enough to own one! Well, once she did obtain the necklace for herself she was quite thrilled ,(she calls it her pendant of awesomeness).
If you have a chance, do check out their brand! It's extremely beautiful and their pieces have such a classic, yet modern look to them!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!
Hopefully I'll be able to take some more pictures soon, the drab weather in melbourne doesn't make for many good photo taking days!

-keep stylish-


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