Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, hello friends, would love to show you some more lovely crafty/stylish items which we have accumilated over the uni holidays (uni starting tomorrow! eep!). 

The top which I'm wearing has been amazingly created by our wonderfully talented mum. She's noticed the PeterPan collars floating around and how I seem to gravitate towards them on any clothes item (dress, jacket, top, cardigan etc.) The list is endless, of all the objects which becomes instantly cuter once a Peter Pan collar is attached! 

You may have also seen this bag before, I used it in our colour blocking post. Funny story, I saw this bag in Salvos, resisted the temptation to buy and put it back. I left, but felt it was still calling my name. So there was only one logical solution, I went back, and, bought it.


Went to the Sunday Camberwell market this morning before church. And I reckon I bought too much stuff. 

Don't get me wrong! I reckon I got some pretty good buys, but, there does come a time when the guilt seeps in and the good ol wallet feels a little lighter.

I CAN'T RESIST cheap buys....when I see $10 or $5 heart melts and my mind goes crazy..... 

Hehheh, need to learn some self control.

Will keep you updated on that one!  


Hope you've been enjoying the pictures lovelies!

-keep crafty/stylish-


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