Monday, February 6, 2012


Okay, honestly the first photo in this post would not be the best photo of  Val. I like to believe that photo was taken early in the morning, hence the terrible hair and sleepy eyes which no amount of photo shop can fix! And the old man socks,....interesting. 

Anywhos, back to the outfit post details! This dress is yet another altered, 'old dress, new style'  outfit. Mum and I scored this dress at one of the local op shops in our area for around $6. What was once an oversized, slightly floppy dress is now a light, sweet and airy summer dress, thanks to some hemming and sewing!

I'm also quite proud of the leaf garland I managed to fashion for myself. Whipped that one together while I was waiting for Vess to grab the camera for our mini shoot in our front yard. It's always fun to casually stroll,  pretending when neighbours drive pass not to be discretely taking pictures of ourselves.

-keep stylish/keep crafty-


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