Friday, February 24, 2012



We wanted to give a little shout to you guys by saying hello this morning with some little lovely treats!

If you remember, or if you don't that it perfectly normal/fine/acceptable, Val and I went with our lovely friends to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

When we were there, we managed to pick up something sweet for our darling sister. 

And what could possibly be sweeter than a cupcake that resembles a rolling hill of flowers blooming in the late spring!

Check out this wonder of a cupcake!

How delightful is it! The surrounding delicacies are cupcakes from coles. Heh, just added a bit to the photo I suppose.

I know what you're all thinking now.

You're thinking, did this cupcake of wonder and spring delights ever make it's way into our little sister's belly? And if it did, what sort of scrumptious flavours were infused into this little cuppy-cake?
(a.k.a "What did it taste like????)

WELL. This little cupcake served it's purpose too well! Our little sister thought that it was too pretty to eat! So as it sat and looked pretty in the fridge until this poor cupcake was slowly slowly... starting to expire.

So a lesson to be learned dear readers,
cupcakes are pretty, that I got,
but left for a while, they will definately rot.

Ah well, you can remember it with these photos and appreciate the skill and talent to produce such an delight to look at. I'm sure that it tasted... like what it appeared to be. (grass?)

keep inspired

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