Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Here are some sneak pics of some cards which I've been working on recently. Don't you just love it when you're inspired to create something beautiful or simple? It felt simply grand to have my own 'making (as in craft/creating) space in a little corner of the room surrounded by paper, glue and the classic fineliners. 
The cards I was working on are the result of a number of my close friends having birthdays, quite close together in the month of Jan. Thus in order to avoid last-minuteness I (forcibly) encouraged myself to sit down and finish some cards. 
Here's a little peek into my work space. I may not the very neatest of people as you may see but I've got everything I need at arm's reaching distance! 

Also while I was crafting along, I also was looking for inspiration on blogs and came across these beautiful photo of a tattoo, which I casually copied onto myself. My friends at work thought it was real, hehheh, so if anyone is after a tattoo designer, don't hesistate to ask! 

Ah, I love typography, too beautiful.

Hope you're having a creative day!

-keep crafty-


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