Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Some more assorted photos from our adventures in the many beaches of Australia. 

Saw this wonderful place on our trip to Anglesea. We actually drove past really quickly and we both told and that we HAD to go back and to take a photo. Really loving the blue hues used and the font is simply amazing! 

Just looking at the simple colours sends tingles down my spine! Anyone else get a similar sort of feeling? 

What I really loved most was seeing this great use of design and space in quite an unexpected location. 
Just goes to show, that if you keep your eyes open, you may come across something unexpectedly wonderful! 

Sadly this quaint little Kiosk was closed, so we weren't able to glimpse the inside nor purchase any -icecream, cold drinks, coffee or hot & cold food!  
We were only there to admire.

-keep inspired-


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