Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Welcome treasured ones!
These holidays are passing by so swiftly. Soon uni will begin, and our second year of uni will commence. For many of us, one or two more years, and we'll be exploring this overwhelming world of endless possibilities and opportunities. Ah,  but until then, I'll sit tight and enjoy the sunshine while I can. 

Here's gorgeous Vess, wearing something very colour blockish and bright inspired. The skirt we bought from tempt for $10, the lace top is thirfted and the bag is vintage. I really love the red folds of the skirt (hence the above post title), gives it a slightly unbalanced, wispy, fantastical look. But what I love most about the outfit would have to be Vess' use of three primary colours; red, yellow, blue and white and black. 

She's the perfect base to create any masterpiece! 
Not sure if that made much sense. You tell me! heheh

hope you're enjoying these wintery summer days!

-keep stylish-


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