Saturday, December 31, 2011


Just a few photos showing the beach and it's wonders. These pics were taken on our trip to the Sorrento beaches in Victoria. Within the photos, the waves and the beach looks extremely calm, serene and enjoyable because the coldness of the winds, unfortunately doesn't translate effectively through the photos! It may not look like it, but the beaches were freezing! Despite the cold winds we still enjoyed ourselves playing around with the seaweed, rockpools and trying to tan! 

 Unfortunately, after venturing through NSW, I have to say that, Victorian beaches really can't compare to the beaches in NSW! (sorry Vic tourism!) I came to this conclusion after we drove along the coast of NSW today, exploring the many different and beautiful beaches.

 What I personally found quite wonderful was that despite each beach possessing the core characteristics of a beach (sand, water, waves, rocks etc.) each beach that we went to, had their own special characteristics and unique qualities. One beach would have beautiful white sand, while another had massive waves, another had developed a blow hole and one had beautiful rock surfaces. 

Made me think a little bit about ourselves, how as humans and God's children, we may go through similar circumstances or possess similar qualities (eyes, ears, family etc.) but we never come out of each experience exactly the same. We are all moulded and created differently to serve different purposes and to be God's light in this world. 

btw, forgot to ask you guys what you think of our new layout? 
would love your feedback lovely ones! :)

-keep exploring-


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