Thursday, January 12, 2012


This lovely little treasure of ours is a new addition to our family of thrifted and vintage clothes. Bought and found at a ms op shop in kew, we're planning on altering the dress to make it more.....wearable.

The prints on the dress is so beautiful and the neckline is extremely lovely. Obvious alterations that we're going to do are; cutting and hemming up the length, and maybe adjustibg the sleeves. I wish we could say that we're the crafty and talented one behind these diy pieces but its actually our amazing mother who has the wonderful skills of alterations and dress making.

 I love seeing her get super excited about sewing, cause shes so happy when shes doing what she loves and we get to wear more lovely dresses!!

 The altered, finished dress will be up soon!

 -keep stylish/ crafty-


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