Tuesday, November 1, 2011

//A world of PROPS

Well, I really wanted to make a tutorial to show how we made these props, but I realied I didn't take enough pictures of them to make a substantial tutorial. But still, I thought it would be nice to include some more behind the scenes pics of our work station. I realised in the above picture you can see what we were snacking on, German chocolate and chickpeas. (Is it normal to snack on chickpeas?) 

Basically the process to make the props was pretty simple, using felt, cardboard, paper, kebab sticks and lots of glue. It was three layers of the same template stuck down together and a kebab stick sandwiched inbetween to get the handle.

It's quite easy to make, but because we made so many it took as around a couple of hours. The great part is that these props can be recycled over and over again! 

Let us know if you want a tutorial done, or if even if you want some made for your wedding/party/birthday/celebration/graduation/picnic etc.!

And below are just some pics where I got my inspiration from! 

Aren't they awesome?

I especially like the really long beards and the smoking pipe! 

-keep crafty-


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