Monday, November 7, 2011



Hello there darling readers

Despite the appearance that we have been lacking a consistency in our posts, it should be noted that we have been collecting some imagery to share with you lovely lot! And Val has been refining her photography skills to create more and more beautiful imagery to share with you!

So this post is fairly special because it features/highlights the talents of our gorgeous mum. The beautiful top of a celebration of pattern and colour, was made by our extremely talented mum! I had gone fabric shopping with her and we picked up this beautiful silkily fabric that has a wonderful breatability (if that's a word-just spell checked my post. it's not a word) to it. Within a day, I had a new breezy light piece to add to my summer wardrobe. Mum's are great aren't they? If your mum's around you at the moment, take this as a hint to shower praise on your mum while holding her in a warm embrace. Why? Because you may find yourself with new clothes....

Oh, and the trippy little piece of a collage/photo manip/edit, up the top there was a result from Val asking me to "quickly edit" the photos. Symmetry and trippy hipster shapes are so much fun. Feel free to use that image any way you like. Tumblr it, We Heart it, Facebook it, Twitter it, Desktop background it....

So that's all for today my dearly beloved readers. Keep coming back for more images, more inspiration, and more photos of me awkwardly jumping in heels.

Have an absolutely stunning day.

keep stylish


  1. I love these photos and your outfit and beautiful.
    Thanks for your kind comment



  2. You're too lovely Luar.
    Thank you so much!