Wednesday, October 26, 2011

//JOY within PHOTOS

As I mentioned in our previous post, I reckon weddings are the coming together of two families, in joy, celebration and love. And above you can see the seperate groups which come together to celebrate Jon and Steph's engagement!

The photos above ,in order (church friends, Oxley, Press family, Chin family)

You may have noticed the excessive amounts of; props, hats and deco within the pictures. Let me explain, well, for Jon and Steph's engagement we were approached and asked by the lovely Steph to take photos for the day. (of course we said yes!!) Being the creative enthusiast I am, I took this opportunity to combine my crafty and photography passions to create a PHOTOBOOTH!

I've seen photobooths being done at numerous weddings and I reckon it's such a wonderful way for friends to come together and laugh and to create a fun, memorable activity for the day. I loved it so much when people would come up hesistantly to ask for a photo and when they 'oooooed' and 'ahhhhed' at the different props which we brought from home!  

And of course we had  to have a photo too!

Next post, I'll detail how we made the props and where my inspiration came from!

We can do no great things;
only small things 

with great love.~ Mother Teresa ~

-keep smiling-



  1. i love this!! keep it up you talented girls!!

  2. Thanks so much Jo!!!! :D
    your comment just made my day!