Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hello readers!

Today it is raining buckets in Melbourne and I thought that it would be an ideal time to rain some delightful inspiration onto you!

I have a special appreciation for the Keane family. Glen Keane was the head animator and responsible for bringing some of the most loved and recognisable characters to life. Tarzan, Pochantas, Ariel and Rapunzel (to name a few). His style of drawing and his overall heart is simply incredible. He's one of the people that I would love to meet and just talk to, he's one of those people who went through the stage of hand drawn animation through to computer animation and is still doing what he loves. Some links to set you on your way to enjoy his beautiful style and skill:

But the Keane family awesomeness doesn't stop there!

Claire Keane is the Glen Keane's daughter and they worked together on the disney movie Tangled. She was artist for the concept of Rapunzel and she also created all of the Rapunzel's artwork makes the mural that are on the walls of her tower. The picture below is the result of her painting the same imagery in halls of Disney Animation Studio!!

Isn't she amazing? Check out her own personal tumblr here:

Finally, Andreas Deja is an amazing Disney Animator who has worked notably on Disney Villans! He has his own blog that is a treasure trove of reasources and imagery from previous disney animators archives. Such as Milt Kahl and Marc Davis (Two of the...12 old men?) He still posses a wonderment for animation and he really celebrates the work of early disney animation: 

And lets finish off with some sketches of my favourite guy.

Flynn Rider:

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