Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yeah, my mum buys pretty and amazing stockings. She went to Malaysia for our cousin's wedding (which sadly we couldn't attend!!) and came back with my friend said in one of our tutorials..."GLORIOUS STOCKINGS!" He did truly exclaim it in such a way, which sort of made my day!

On the note of outfit posting, I tried posting a 'look' under our blogger email, bigpicturestuff on lookbook yesterday. Unfortunately today I got an email saying that our look could be deleted! Which was quite a real shock for me, I'm still feeling the after effects of it.I felt like I was violating the law or something! Oh well, as Vess said to me, it's a learning curve.  

I'm also in love with this song, "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri. It's so emotional and quite heartwrenching but I really love her unique voice. Also a great song to sing to. (Not that I sing, I like to create with my hands, as my friend said to me; "all can sing, but not many can sing wweelllll")


We're going to a friend's engagement party today! So exciting! Praying for the best weather for them!

-keep stylish-


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