Friday, October 14, 2011

//my friend ERNIE

Project: To experiment and practice my water colour skills
Aim: To eminate the artsmanship of the previously drawn sesame street picture books 
Materials: Watercolour, fineliner and pencil

This post is a bit special, cause I decided to include some of my 'behind the scenes' shots of my crafty endevours. 

I just love looking at people's design and personal creating spaces, there's such a nice vibe of inspiration and innovation going on among the paper, glue, paints and disarray!

A little story, the little notebook which you see me writing in, was bought for me from Vess. She wanted me to continue pursuing and enjoying my art by asking (or forcing, depends which way you look at it!) me to draw a picture a day. The picture could be any thing from the bus signs, my room or my food, just as long as I filled up a page. 

I have to say, I've been thoroughly enjoying it. And I've learnt the nack of searching and drawing the simple things which foster child like interest within me. 

Hopefully you liked my ernie, which serves no purpose, but only to exist and to be enjoyed! 

-keep crafty-



  1. hey thats a really thoughtful gift! i love the look of water colour. maybe i'll give it a day XD

  2. hihi!
    Haha, totally should give it a shot! :)
    let me know when you do, would love to see your work! xx

  3. we have the same watercolour set! :P

  4. :D haha, Vess stole this one from school!