Monday, September 26, 2011


Pants: Thrifted
Mustard Shirt: Brisbane
Blazer: Target
Necklace: Diva
Belt: Somewhere in our drawer

These pics were taken quite a while back, I think, in winter time, cause I remember being quite cold when taking these pictures. Sorry, my face doesn't feature in this post, I was having a bad hair day, (basically my fringe wasn't behaving itself.) 

Let me tell you about the pants I'm wearing. Basically, their very tailored looking pants, of a  slightly faded dark  blue colour with beautiful embrodied detail on  the pockets. Found and successfully thrifted  in a church opshop in Camberwell and these pants cost me......$1! 

Yay! I love cheap buys! 
Would love to hear of some of your favourite purchases or places to shop!

Been thinking about the fashion industry lately and it's hold over culture and consumerism. Been very tempted to set myself a challenge, to not buy anything new for a couple of months. Except maybe shoes, it's a bit difficult to find my size!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and hope you're enjoy God's creations and beauty!

-keep stylish-


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