Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, to put it simply, this would have to be the best combination of all things yummy and delicious which has ever walked the planet!!

Introducing, Pat and Stick's icecream sandwich. I'm not sure if you noticed but Vess and I don't really have much fascination for food, (we prefer the packaging around the food!) but we do love great products which have been well made and designed.

Here's a lttle background to the Pat and Link company:

"Turning one day to the subject of ice cream, we both agreed that most ice cream in Australia was pretty ordinary.  so we thought, why don’t we start an ice cream company? After all, everyone loves an ice cream sandwich, but a good one was hard to come by. Hence the Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich was created."

I also watched this lovely video (which is unfortunately on vimeo so I can't insert it here) where it describes the process and the love and care which goes into their small business 

But you can click on this to watch the video, which I highly recommend!

Pat and Stick were such lovely people and so convincing that all of us ended up buying one each!
When asked what he wants customers to feel when eating a Pat and Stick icecream sandwich, Stick replied, "Happiness, satisfaction, a flavour hit and  something they'll remember" and "to want to tell their friends"

Love it! 

Check out their website too, to see their lovely flavours! 

"Still on a journey, still having fun, making a lot of icecream"
-Pat and Stick-

keep inspired-


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