Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yes, so I bought a new dress for a design bash we went to a while back. Again, one of the occasional purchases of mine which I bought 'new'. Too hard not to resist! The sales lady (who was so lovely) used the  well known line, "there's not much left' and 'I've had  many interested in it' to win me over and make the purchase!

I think this dress encompasses the colour blocking and lace trend currently flouting around. I love both trends at the moment, the colours make drab days all the more brighter! 

As you can see my wardrobe is featured in the background. Stuffed full with clothes and things which I don't want to let go of, it's always the place which I spend a good 15 minutes of my day, just pondering. 
It's quite a bad habit, having soooo much to wear but just not knowing WHAT to wear. 

Been wanting to purchase a good pair of shoes, particulary some heels. In the past I've tended to steer away from heels. Cause of my height, heels aren't really neccessary. But no longer! (I've been swayed by gorgeous Tony Bianco shoes I saw in Melbourne Central!) 

So I'm on a look out for some heels but not sure which brands are a good buy, any suggestions? 

-keep stylish-


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