Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Project: A birthday card to celebrate a honourable monarch...
Aim: To create a card that is bright, joyful and fun 
Materials: Coloured card, White Paper, Gold paper, Staples Cutting knife, Glue

Hello dear friends!

We made this little card (it's quite big actually) for our dear friend King Arthur. We named him as such, because he's one of those friends who has an heir of royalty and wisdom about him. It was really fun making this card and cutting out coloured paper mercilessly to my heart's content. 

Not much to say about this card, it has very simple elements to it. Basically  the use of type and colour to create a quirky, fun and bright card full of good feelings! But nevertheless, this is probably one of the more innovative cards we've made because....elements of it can be detached and worn! Genius!

Basically the bottom crown part of the card can be taken off and put on. (Vess and I both wore the crown and paraded around for a little while at home!) It's made much like the old hungry jack's kid's party crowns of 'back in the day'.

Hope you guys are being innovative in your own little ways!

-keep crafty-



  1. omg do they still have the hungry jacks crowns? those were sooo cool back when we were kids =P

  2. I know!! Hungry jacks and mcdonald's bday parties ftw!