Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Basic, outfit details; Maroon pants from Kmart (cheap and best shopping!), heels from payless shoes, blouse from the second shop and pullover sweater from forever new (probably one of the most and unreasonably expensive things I've ever bought!)

Ah, it feels good to blog again, I've really missed sharing with you guys. Best feeling, when friends come up to us and say how much  they enjoy B.P.S (and 'why don't you post more frequently!').

One of th best advice I got from one of my best friends, Alicia was, "just post, anything". Which is somewhat true, I do enjoy posting good content, but it does get very stale sometimes, looking at the same post each time. So frequency and consistency, here we come!

My favourite part of Vess' outfit would probably have to be the softness of it. The creams, whites, which is broken up by her amazing jeans and lippy colour. The jeans are extremely gorgeous and really brightens up the cold winter days. I also had a ton of fun styling her hair for this post. which I tried slicking back on the side. Made her look very 'edgy'.

On a tangent side note, I've noticed, many fashion bloggers who started out vintage and retro loving have become very high class. It's really great they've established themselves very prominately in the fashion industry, but sad that they don't continue using 2nd hand or vintage pieces. Cause I always found it very inspiring when bloggers would find such beautiful pieces from the op-shop, giving new life back into old clothes. But now, all the clothes they seem to feature are designer brands(which look I can try replicate, but probably not achieve) or new products. Which is great cause they usually feature ALOT of Australian brands (which is AWESOME) but sad as well, cause the opshops aren't getting their shine no longer. 

Well, my ramble has passed by, but I hope you enjoyed the post.

More coming soon lovelies.

-keep stylish-


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